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Turn Your Frown Into a Smile with Quality Dentures in Christchurch

Merivale Denture Clinic offers various services in Christchurch, from denture repair and replacement to cosmetic and partial dentures. Our goal is for every patient to leave with a smile.

Denture Services for Everyone

A common misconception about wearing dentures is that it’s only for the elderly. While tooth loss is more common among older people, anyone who has lost a tooth—and their confident smile because of it—can get dentures. What’s more, dentures not only replace missing teeth, but they also support the remaining ones to keep them intact and preserve oral health. Our range of denture services that can restore anyone’s smile includes fitting partial or cosmetic dentures, relining, repairing, and more.

A Denture Clinic You Can Trust

For over 10 years, Merivale Denture Clinic has been providing quality dentures to Christchurch residents.
We strive to give our clients the best treatment they require and conduct these procedures in a safe and welcoming atmosphere using state-of-the-art equipment. From the receptionist to our clinicians, every staff member clients see will be a friendly and trustworthy one.

Best-Reviewed Denture Clinic

Our commitment to providing the best denture services is evident from all the happy clients we’ve had through the years. Every person that comes through our doors knows that their oral health is being overseen by the best-reviewed denture clinic in Christchurch.
Ready to get your confident smile back? Visit Merivale Denture Clinic today.

Meet Tom...

Thomas Gu - Senior Clinician

Thomas has studied and worked at the University of Otago's Faculty of Dentistry in Dunedin for over 10 years.


He has led various departments in removable prosthesis including partial dentures, full dentures, implant supported prosthesis, and orthodontic appliances. In addition, he has worked at a private clinic in Christchurch for 4 years.


Tom's down to earth friendly demeanour and his extensive array of experience from complex and highly specialised hospital cases to the conventional dentures makes his service second to none.appointments with patients always leave a smile on their faces.


With Tom’s expertise and experience,
people who need dentures from Merivale Denture Clinic can rest assured that they’re in capable hands.

Read more about Tom in his recent feature in the Metropol magazine! Click here...

Free Consultation on Your First Set of Dentures

First time getting dentures? You must have a lot of questions. Our experienced staff are ready to listen to your needs and discuss the treatment options available.
Your first consultation is free, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Denture Relining

The shape of the jaw changes over time. When this happens, your original dentures might not fit anymore. See how denture relining can solve this problem here.

Denture Repairs

Dentures might break and crack in half for various reasons, but they can be repaired. Learn how denture repairs work here.

Replacement Dentures

Been wearing dentures for a while? You might notice that they no longer fit perfectly, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Learn about how replacement dentures work here.

Cosmetic Dentures

When you experience significant teeth loss, parts of your face might look deformed. Discover how cosmetic dentures improve your appearance here.

Partial Dentures

Tooth loss can cause your remaining teeth to shift, which can deform your jaw. Find out how partial dentures address this problem.

Meet Tom

Services For You

Your first set of dentures, a free consultation.


Tom invites you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your denture needs.


Our experienced and caring staff will listen to you and discuss your treatment options in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Contact us and we will provide you with an obligation free treatment plan and quote.

Denture Relining Service


Providing your dentures are not too worn and the bite is still correct it is possible to reline your dentures to improve the fit.

Learn more about Relining here...

Denture Repairs


There is no need to panic if your denture is breaks. In most cases we can repair it for you on the same day within 2 to 3 hours.

Contact us today...

Replacement Dentures


As we age natural changes occur in our gums and jaw over time.


Learn more about Replacement Dentures...

Cosmetic Dentures


Cosmetic Dentures can give you a healthier, more youthful appearance. Our clients are amazed with the results that can be achieved.


Learn more about Cosmetic Dentures...

Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are a great cosmetic solution to fill the gaps in your smile when your remaining teeth are still in good order.


Learn more about Partial Dentures...



The importance of sports dentistry has become even greater due to the role that sports have in modern society.

Learn more about Mouthguards...

Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

Are dentures expensive?

The condition of every patient’s teeth varies from one to another, which means the cost of dentures also differs. Some may need a full set of dentures, while others may only need partial ones. If this is your first time getting dentures, contact us and we can give you a free estimate.

Does getting dentures hurt?

When you’re first fitted with dentures, it’s normal to feel discomfort and mild pain, especially in your gums. The length of pain also varies, but new dentures can take two to four weeks to settle properly. Once the dentures have properly settled into your gums, the discomfort will eventually disappear.

What types of removable dentures can I get?

There are several types of dentures depending on what your teeth needs. At Merivale Denture Clinic, we offer full dentures, partial dentures, implant-retained lower dentures and cosmetic dentures. To learn more about what these are and which type fits your needs, book a consultation with one of our clinicians.

I just got a tooth extraction. How long should I wait before getting dentures?

Tooth extraction is a delicate process that involves cutting the gums to remove a tooth. Your gums need to heal before we can attempt any denture fitting. Every patient’s healing time is unique, so we need to examine your gums to ensure that enough time has passed for it to heal.

Happy Clients

5+ stars!
My grandfather Merv has been seeing Tom for a few months now and we are so impressed with his service and manner. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail about the work he is doing making Merv and I feel at ease. He is the most kind and caring professional we’ve ever dealt with and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED him to anyone needing denture work. His assistant Anne is also wonderful!


I came to see Thomas about my existing denture, which was poorly made elsewhere, which was causing me major problems. I was unable to bite or chew properly and most times it would fall out while eating which is not a good look. From the outset Thomas was excellent at explaining why this was happening and after more discussions I decided on a completely new denture. From start to finish the care and attention to detail was amazing and from my previous experience, none of these processes were discussed and really had no idea how much detail was involved. I now have my new denture fitted and it feels and looks really great.
Thank you Thomas for making the experience good for me and restoring my faith in professionals.

I've assisted my grandfather in dealing with Tom at Merivale Denture Clinic and the whole process has been so great for him! Grandad had a bad experience with ill-fitting dentures previously and Tom's expertise and attention to detail has been the most amazing service in comparison. We couldn't recommend Tom highly enough, especially if the process of getting dentures is daunting for you. A top man!



Happy Clients

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